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Selvaggio Blu – – Technical Climbing

19 January, 2021

Selvaggio Blu – – Technical Climbing


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Selvaggio Blu - - The most technical trek in the world

You will be experiencing real wilderness, surpassing mountains and sleeping unforgettable nights under the stars on beaches, caves or abandoned shepherds’ refuges.

A truly fascinating adventure on the most isolated Mediterranean coastline, walking over sea-cliffs, through rock arches and into narrow chasms.

Flexibility to do some parts of the Selvaggio Blu and then take transfers to local climbing crags or multi-pitches.

Start: Olbia or Cagliari, Italy
Finish: Olbia or Cagliari, Italy
Destination: Italy
Style: Technical Trekking/Climbing
Theme: Explorer

Ages: Min 15
Group size: Min 4, Max 10

Is this experience right for you?

The Selvaggio Blu is an extreme trek and one of the most beautiful in Europe. As opposed to usual trekking, it is a true full on mountaineering experience. 

The trek is located on the island of Sardinia, which is an Italian island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, west of mainland Italy. 

The itinerary of the trek was developed in 1988 by two Italian alpine guides, the “trek” follows the line of sea on the remote coast of Baunei. It crosses thick forests, hidden caves and deep canyons, making it necessary to abseil, climb or walk on exposed passages. 

There are many different variations of the rout to avoid difficult passages, however this itinerary presents the original route as it offers the best panoramas and understanding of ancient Sardinian mountain life. 

The Selvaggio Blu takes five days to complete and is open to anyone with minimum preparations. However keep in mind that attendees must be extremely confident walking on steep and uneven terrain, descend scree and have no fear of heights. 

The route is so technical, hard and sustained that it is simply unthinkable to carry large backpacks with water, food, tents and necessary equipment.

Logistical support is simply necessary.

Since you are very much participating in a technical adventure and one of the climbing paradises of the world. We have included this itinerary to allow you some days of technical climbing throughout the island. 


Day 1: Olbia or Cagliari and transfer to Banei

Transfer from the port or airport of Olbia or Cagliari to Baunei and the Golgo plateau to reach the refuge. Meeting with the guides and briefing on the tour and introductions of the maneuvers with ropes.

Dinner and overnight in refuge.

Day 2: Begin Selvaggio Blu

Transfer to Pedra Longa and begin Selvaggio Blu trekking to Ovile Ginnirco

Off-road departure for Pedra Longa, where the Selvaggio Blu route begins. You take a comfortable path to the Cengia Giradili which climbs the cliff for 780 m. until you reach the top, from where the panorama opens out over the entire Gulf of Arbatax and the peaks of the Gennargentu inland. From here we continue to the Ovine Ginnirico.

5h, + 800m., -200m. About 5km

Day 3: Trek or Climb

Trekking from Ovile Ginnirco to Porto Pedrosu

After breakfast depart for Portu Pedrosu. Most parts of the route of this stage takes place along the slopes of the Capo Monte Santo cliff, a promontory that separates the Gulf of Arbatax from the Gulf of Orosei.

Following the cliff with you descend into the Bacu Tenadili canyon, from which we go up on the opposite side thanks to a short III grade climb.

6h, +200 m., -800 m., About 8.5 km

Day 4: Trek or Climb

Trekking from Porto Pedrosu to Cala Goloritzé and Su Tasaru

After breakfast depart for Su Tasaru. Passing from the inlet of Porto Cuau you reach Punta Salinas which overlooks Cala Goloritzè, from where we will admire the grandeur of the Spire of Punta Caroddi.

Descend surrounded by century-old holm oaks and junipers immersed in the Mediterranean until you reach the scenic Goloritzè beach.

We go up the Boladina canyon with two short climbs of III° and IV° french grade which allow us to overcome the wall and continue towards Su Tasaru.

8h, +1000 m., -500m., About 8 km

Day 5: Trek or Climb

Trekking from Su Tasaru to Bacu Su Padente

After breakfast depart for Bacu Su Padente. This is the most demanding stage of the whole trek, with a wild trail to follow and several mountaineering passages, including 5 descents with ropes between 15 and 20 m., but it is perhaps also the most beautiful stage because we reach otherwise inaccessible points.

8h, +600 m., -700 m., About 7 km

Day 6: Trek or Climb

Trekking to Cala Sisine and transfer with jeep to the hut on the Golgo plateau

This stage, although less tiring than the previous one, gives us unforgettable scenaries and mountaineering passages.

Along the way we will tackle 4 rope descents from 25 to 45 m., two climbs of III and IV french grane and a small traverse. Arrival in Cala Sisine and end of the trekking.

8h, +470 m., -650 m. About 7 km
In the evening, return by off-road vehicle to the refuge on the Golgo plateau.

Day 7: Last Day

Transfer to Olbia or Cagliari and departure

Breakfast and transfer to Olbia or Cagliari for the departure. Option to explore surrounding area and towns



5 Breakfast


Train, Private vehicle, Public bus, Boat, Metro


Hotel (7 nights)

Included activities
  • Napoli Sotterranea Underground City
  • Pompeii Archaeological Site
  • Pompeii Walking Tour with Local Guide
  • Mt Vesuvius Crater Rim Walk & Summit Climb
  • Sorrento Limoncello Tasting
  • Sorrento Gelato Making Demonstration
  • Walk of the Gods Hike (Sentiero degli Dei)



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