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Jumping Through Dimensions

Jumping Through Dimensions

I’ve been getting to the end of my time here in Brazil and I just feel like my time here isn’t over yet. I mean, another “etapa de la vida” and then on to another adventure to learn a new skill, build another community, maybe learn another language.

I’ve frequently been asked the question.  “What is the prettiest place you’ve lived?”  The answer is always relative. How can you compare a tropical island to towering Andes. A language you are fluent in as opposed to one you can’t quite yet understand. I guess wherever we go, we will always find beauty in the unknown.

They say we live in three dimensions, width, depth and height. But they say there are more, time, space, etc. And as I’ve been slipping in and out of these different countries, different languages, different foods, cultures, relationships, romances . . . I’ve started to feel that I’ve been slipping in and out of different dimensions. Like if I squint my eyes, just a little, and look out on the horizon, I can almost flow through time.  And maybe it sounds like I’m tripping but I am, I’m just too high on life right now.

The other week I taught some students how to dive off an island in the Atlantic and flew over the coastline in the afternoon to land on the beach. The following weekend I drove my motorcycle across the country to Iguazu Falls and a friend asked, “Was it as beautiful as you expected?” I didn’t really know how to respond, its all just one big trip. Floating through dimensions.

They say you will overestimate what you can achieve in a year, yet underestimate what you can achieve in 10. When looking back on my years since graduating university, the one trend I’ve had is starting from scratch over and over again. Whether it be a different sport, industry, skill or language. It’s just amazing what we can do in this short life. Its crazy to watch someone run off the side of a cliff with a glider and then a couple weeks later doing the same, with a half broken radio, and your instructor screaming in Spanish so you don’t get caught in the trees. Or sitting down at a table where four languages are being spoken and you can understand everything going on. There is so much to learn.

The whole reason I started Stone Expeditions was to create an opportunity that enables people to see the world and experience life from a new perspective. Ive seen so many people wrapped up in the rat race world talking about how they are just waiting for that promotion, trying to pay off their student loans, waiting six more months until doing x, y or z. But tomorrow never comes and then you die. Whether physically or spiritually and your eyes glaze over speaking in a monotone voice talking to your colleagues about a dream that you once had. This is an opportunity to change that.

Our concept is “Change Your Life, See the World, Make a Difference.” Someone once told me you cant love somebody else if you cant love yourself. So how do you expect to make a difference in this world if you cant make a big change in your own life. Eliminate the things that don’t make you happy, chase what you’re passionate about. And seeing the world helps us put a lot more things into perspective, provides us with tools to help us make these changes possible or just find out what that change may be.

This is a platform, a bucket list program, that enables you to do anything you want to do. Or a brainstorming tool to find out what that may be.

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