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Are You Satisfied Or Are You Comfortable

Are You Satisfied Or Are You Comfortable

We graduate from high school, university, get married, have kids. Life becomes a continuous cycle of next steps. As soon as one chapter in life comes to a close, or task gets completed, we immediately think . . . well . . .  what “should” I do next. Well . . . what do you want to do?!

It’s funny, but when we ask our selves that question, it sometimes takes us a while to actually think of what that may be. There is so much clutter going on in our heads. You have a test tomorrow, a shift from 2pm-6pm, with a report that is due for a client that you are trying to brainstorm while cooking dinner with the ingredients that you forgot to buy because life is just too busy.

Our wants end up changing and become modified over the course of our lives. Which is completely normal. We are constantly adapting. But at the same time, what is it that you want to do!? What is it that you don’t want to modify?

The other day I did another reset exercise because my mind had been so cluttered. Too many to do lists that just multiplied with each completed task. Here is what I did:

What do you want to do

Write it all down

The first step was writing down every possible dream that I had over the course of my life. No need to think about how silly or plausible that may be. Just a complete brain dump. Things like go on a multi day cycle trip with my dad, speak five languages before 30, and organize my mind more effectively were on that list. I was able to write down around 40 different things.


The next step was actually organizing all of this. I began by allocating all of the various different items into three year, 1 year and 90 day targets. Working backwards (starting at the 3 year mark) to visualize the big picture and moving towards the little steps that needed to occur in order to get there, the 90 day mark.

A lot of the items still remained outside the three year mark, but I kept them in a box of “somehow, someday”. That way, I won’t just forget about them, and someday they can get integrated into my life.

During the exercise, I found an interesting trend. All of the various goals could be linked into four different categories represented as such.

Career Goals

Life Purpose/Personal

Physical Goals

Intellectual/Learning Goal

Anyways, this is a tool that helped me to understand what it is that I want to do with my life. Maybe you do it a little differently, but write it all down! The idea is to turn dreams into goals with an action plan. And if you need any help to make that all come to a reality. That’s what we are here for. 



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