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Top Five Adventures in the Philippines


Top Five Adventures in the Philippines

Some may view the Philippines as a country that only offers tourists a good time in its many beaches. Only a few intrepid souls realize that this archipelago offers some of the more unusual adventures for those who are seeking thrills that they have not experienced before

The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia to the north of Borneo and Brunei. Being at the western edge of the Pacific Ocean and a country made up of more than 7,000 islands, the climate is hot and humid or wet and rainy. Nevertheless, this does not detract from the fact that it has many natural wonders that make adventures fun and exhilarating. Here are the top five activities for the adventurous soul yearning to seek them out.




1. Riding the waves in Siargao Island

This island is located in the eastern part of the Philippines, facing the open seas in the Pacific Ocean. Because of its location, waves of all sizes crash into its beaches, making it one of the most popular spots for surfing in the country. You can ride waves of all difficulties in Siargao, perfect for those who are still learning and those who are advanced enough to try the more complex, more dangerous barrels. And when you’re done surfing, you can also go island-hopping at nearby isles. A great destination for water activities.













2. Flying ultralights in Pampanga

These small, fixed wing aircrafts are generally one- to two-seaters with an open cockpit. They also have small engines to keep the weight down and allow them to take off. Pampanga experiences little to no air disturbance and is the perfect place for you to have a taste of flying with the wind in your face. Plus, the region is only a few hours away from Manila, the capital of the country.














3. Sandboarding in Ilocos Norte

Another province that is only a few hours drive from the capital is Ilocos Norte. There you will find Paoay, one of Ilocos Norte’s municipalities and a great location to experience sandboarding without the discomfort and heat of being in a desert. You can also bring an ATV and explore the vast sand dunes in the area with no danger of heat exhaustion.















4. Spelunking in Palawan

Palawan is known as the last frontier of the Philippines, with areas of the island still unexplored. However, what draws in tourists is the well-known Hundred Caves, a popular area for spelunking and caving activities. The cave system has been toured thousands of times and many tourists have called it one of the most beautiful caves in the world.















5. Braving the raging torrents in Cagayan de Oro

There are many beautiful but dangerous rivers in CDO, the province known as the Adventure Capital of the Philippines. And what better way to spend your adventure trip than being part of a team that tries to navigate the grueling whitewater rapids in these rivers. It takes great teamwork to make it to the other side of the river but you’ll feel that the effort is well worth it once you get there.





However, don’t forget that adventuring is only half the trip. Take the time to enjoy the surroundings and the company of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The knowledge that you gain from these experiences is what makes the trip all worth the while.



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